Jacob Damgaard

GoCook on Tour

Launch of a new educational cooking concept for Denmark’s biggest cooperative.

For the past months lots of energy and passion have been put into developing a new concept for Coop amba. The concept is named ‘GoCook on tour’. For 6 weeks we will be touring Denmark in the old rebuild Citröen HY food truck to visit Coop supermarkets all over Denmark. Local kids are invited to participate in different workshops and cook up hot and spicy vegetable soup - perfect for the Danish autumn weather.


A corps of volunteers have been educated to take responsibility for the events and education. This is a new and interesting way for Coop to involve volunteers and members in their organization.

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark and owned by 1.4 million member. To ‘give something back’ to the members is a important part of Coops DNA. GoCook is one initiative in Coop - and one way to ‘give something back’. The aim of GoCook is to educate the first generation of kids to become better chefs than their parents. GoCook stimulate children’s interest for food and cooking, and develop their knowledge and skills upon food. This makes them good chefs and capable of taking responsibly for their own lives and health.